Friday, September 19, 2008

Hand Position and Finger Independence for the Young Beginner in Piano Pedagogy Class

MSU's graduate level class in piano pedagogy meets weekly to plan and teach a group class of beginning piano students.  This class meets on Thursday afternoons at MSU's Community Music School, and is a fun introduction to the piano as well as an excellent training ground for teachers wishing to gain experience teaching very young students in a group setting.

In the first meeting of this semester, Justine Sasanfar, a Master's Degree candidate in Piano Pedagogy and Collaborative Piano, leads a fun activity that effectively demonstrates hand position, finger independence, and rhythm patterns in the span of just 1 minute!


Elizabeth McDonald said...

My 7 year old daughter just watched this video with me then immediately jumped up and ran to the piano to try out the "Dora" rhythm. What a great idea to track your progress! Thanks for sharing!

iserve pharmacy said...

in the last post I asked you about a place in where my son can learn more about Jazz? well I found it! and all thanks to your site, thanks a lot he is so happy in this moment.

pharmacy said...

I remember that my old sister took some lessons of piano pedagogy , he plays the piano like an angel, she has been teaching me to play the piano since July !