Friday, January 30, 2009

Presentations at Calvin College Symposium on Worship

I'm speaking today and tomorrow at the Calvin Symposium on Worship at Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan. I'll be demonstrating some skills that have become important for pianists in the church to have as well as about how to teach some of these skills to our students. Information about all of the workshops available can be found here:
Walk-up registration is available:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Piano Concerto Season

Hello, and Happy New Year to all readers of the Piano Pedagogy Blog. Thank you for your readership, support, and especially your comments during the latter half of 2008. I look forward to 2009 being a time when this blog will become a venue for spirited discussion on all topics related to piano teaching.

Here's a highlight reel of some of the outstanding concerto performances some of my pre-college pianists are giving in preparation for the Michigan Music Teachers' Association Concerto Competition and Lansing Symphony Concerto Competition. I apologize for the poor sound quality---this was recorded directly to my Macbook. Preparing a piano concerto is such an incredible accomplishment for these fine musicians that teaches them an entirely different type of performance practice. Please enjoy Nolan, Albie and Jody's performances.