Monday, August 16, 2010

Report from the 2010 MSU/CAMTA Piano Teachers' Retreat

The 1st Annual Piano Teachers' Retreat was a major success for all involved! Thank you to the planning committee of Gail Lytle Lira (, Beverly Brouwer, and Elaine Yanz for their tireless hard work and planning.

30 teachers from around Michigan were in attendance over the two days of activities which included a presentation on technical fundamentals by Deborah Moriarty, chair of the piano department at MSU:


private lessons, ample practice time, and a sold-out concert by Professor Moriarty and myself of works for piano duo and duet. Keep an eye on the Piano Pedagogy Blog for news about next summer's Piano Teachers' Retreat, and email me at if you are interested in securing a spot for 2011.


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shirley said...

Thanks for this site, that shares piano ped related commentary. As for Asperger's I have a friend with this diagnosis who is extremely responsive to music. I'm glad more exposure of techniques to work with such individuals is being disseminated.
Shirley Kirsten, M.A.
pianist, recording artist
NYC HS of Performing Arts and Oberlin Conservatory grad.

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Yes, I often heard that young children with asperger's or autistic do well in piano lessons and art.

It is an interesting research! I hope there will be more research on this topic in the near future.

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