Monday, October 27, 2008

Studio Recital Inspiration!

My studio's recital on Friday night was a rousing success! The performances that my students gave were truly inspired. It's such an honor to be working with young musicians who understand the payoff of hard work at their instrument.

I use studio recitals as an exciting opportunity for my students to share the pieces they've polished with their peers, friends, and family in a safe and supportive environment. Without fail, these events prove to be excellent inspiration that leads to hard work and dedicated practice.

Please enjoy a few highlights in this brief video:

I try to arrange the order of performances in such a way where all levels of piano playing are mixed together. In this program, performances from my students at Michigan State were interspersed with younger students who might not be as experienced with performing. Kalil Olsen, the young student that my undergraduate pedagogy class has been teaching, performed right after two experienced pianists who played major works by Chopin and Schubert. I find that my students and those in attendance enjoy the variety and diversity of performances.

How do you format your studio recitals?


Rebecca said...

I do it the way it was done when I was a student: beginner to advanced. I never really thought of doing it another way! I might try it your way. Did any of your beginner students feel intimidated playing after an advanced student?

Thanks for your comments on my blog, by the way!

Derek said...

As far as I know, my beginner students did not feel intimidated, but rather, inspired that they were performing alongside such accomplished pianists!

You've got a great blog! Keep up the awesome work.